Pour exécuter Jarvis:

$> ./jarvis.sh

Note: Ne jamais lancer Jarvis avec sudo (les fichiers générés ne seraient plus accessibles à la prochaine utilisation)

Il existe plusieurs options de démarrage:

Jarvis offre des options de démarrage supplémentaires, accessibles avec -h

$> ./jarvis.sh -h

    Usage: jarvis.sh [-bc:ihklnp:s:ux:z]

    Jarvis.sh is a lightweight configurable multi-lang jarvis-like bot
    Meant for home automation running on slow computer (ex: Raspberry Pi)
    It installs automatically speech recognition & synthesis engines of your choice

    Main options are now accessible through the application menu

    -b  run in background (no menu, continues after terminal is closed)
    -c  overrides conversation mode setting (true/false)
    -i  install (dependencies, pocketsphinx, setup)
    -h  display this help
    -j  output in JSON (for APIs)
    -k  directly start on keyboard mode
    -l  directly listen for one command (ex: launch from physical button)
    -m  mute mode (overrides settings)
    -n  directly start jarvis without menu
    -p  install plugin, ex: jarvis.sh -p https://github.com/alexylem/time
    -s  just say something and exit, ex: jarvis.sh -s "hello world"
    -u  force update Jarvis and plugins (ex: use in cron)
    -v  troubleshooting mode
    -x  execute order, ex: jarvis.sh -x "switch on lights"

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